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Awareness All-Year Round

There are over 3 million men living with prostate cancer in the U.S. Prostate cancer is 99% treatable if detected early… let’s give every man in our lives a fighting chance.

The idea of spreading awareness is so that medical professionals, health advocates, medical researchers and individuals can share an open dialogue about the far-reaching impact of the disease. In 2015, September was declared Prostate Cancer Awareness Month with the following goals in mind:

Increasing public awareness about prostate cancer
Advocating for more research on prostate cancer
Educating the public about the risk factors and symptoms of the disease
Making prostate cancer screenings more accessible

This a great step towards creating public awareness, but that doesn't mean support isn't needed the rest of the year. Our team at the International Prostate Cancer Foundation is eager to do our part and join in the conversation to educate individuals about the risk factors associated with prostate cancer.  Below are some steps you can take to join the fight against prostate cancer.


Watch for the Blue Ribbon
A light blue ribbon serves as the symbol of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Intended to serve as a reminder and spark conversation, watch for blue ribbons throughout the year, and wear one yourself to support all the men in your life.

Get Educated!
Why is prostate cancer awareness so important? Education is essential in the fight against prostate cancer.

There were be roughly 161,000 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in the US in 2017
There were be roughly 26,700 deaths from prostate cancer in the US in 2017
It is important to identify men at risk of aggressive prostate cancer early
About 6 in 10 cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in men aged 65 or older
The risk of prostate cancer is 74% higher in black men than in white men

Get Involved!
Don't just save your support for the month of September, we encourage you to get involved in prostate cancer awareness. Watch for news and information from trusted sources.! Talk to family and friends about the risk of prostate cancer, the importance of screening, diagnosis and appropriate treatment by experienced surgeons. Talk to family and friends about the risk of prostate cancer and the importance of screening.


Get Screened! Early Prostate Cancer Detection is Key.
The International Prostate Cancer Foundation recommends that men have a chance to make an informed decision with their healthcare provider about being screened for prostate cancer. The decision should be made after getting information about the uncertainties, risks, and potential benefits of prostate cancer screening.

*Visit the education center to learn more about screening and early detection.

Tell Your Story.
Are you a prostate cancer survivor? Do you have an inspiring story to share with the prostate cancer community? The International Prostate Cancer Foundation occasionally features survivor fight stories, tell us yours!

Our goal is to fund practice-changing breakthroughs in prostate cancer treatment and support the scientific engine creating results, which are urgently needed by patients. Extra Funds? Become a donor.  Time to fill? Become a fundraiser.

Celebrate Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
We urge you to use this annual observance in September as a reminder to stay on top of your prostate health. If you, or a loved one, are due for a prostate cancer screening, we encourage you to speak with your doctor about prostate cancer screening. Want to create an awareness campaign at your office? Be sure to visit our resources center!


Don't forget MOVEMBER! Grow a mustache in November to support men's health awareness and testicular cancer awareness. Men continue to face a health crisis that isn’t being talked about enough. But the efforts made during Movember are helping change that, so men can live happier, healthier, longer lives.

We also encourage you to stay tuned throughout the year and discover more ways to celebrate prostate cancer awareness with us. Be sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Be in the know!


➤ march 10

International Prostate Cancer Day
Orlando, Florida


We are excited to share this news! Buddy Dyer, mayor of the city of Orlando, declared March 10th International Prostate Cancer Foundation Day!

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➤ Fundraising Events - Recaps & current

Be sure to read the Celebration of Life Gala recaps (photo by Liga Photography)

Be sure to read the Celebration of Life Gala recaps (photo by Liga Photography)

The International Prostate Cancer Foundation hosts a Celebration of Life Gala, in addition to smaller education and fundraising events throughout the year. Do you have an idea for a fundraiser in support of prostate cancer? Our team is here to support you and find just what works for you. Let your passion, talents and interests lead you to your own fundraising endeavor.  We are here to help every step of the way.

Share your ideas with us. Become a fundraiser.

➤ Past Successes - Recaps

Learn about our past awareness and educational events. Our team is here to spread awareness and aid in prevention and research. 

NBA All-Star Legend Oscar Robertson speaks out to create awareness! Oscar not only sits on the board of the Foundation, he is also a prostate cancer survivor. Read his full survivor story. In 2012, Oscar participated in a media tour that helped us officially launch The International Prostate Cancer Foundation and create awareness world-wide about the importance of getting screened.

From Fox Sports and Yahoo Sports to a Public Meet & Greet and Educational Event, Oscar Robertson lent his time and story to spread prostate cancer awareness nationwide. Other notable interviews: Bloomberg radio, the Bleacher Report, Central Florida News 13, My Fox Orlando, the Orlando Sentinel and many more. 

➤ awareness events


Prostate Cancer Run/Walk

ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walks
The premier men's health event series in America, brings together athletes, cancer survivors, physicians, caretakers, family members, and friends in the fight to end prostate cancer
Find a ZERO Event near you!

SET THE PACE Prostate Cancer Events
The SET the PACE Event Series is an excellent way to raise awareness of prostate cancer in your community.
Learn more about SET THE PACE Events!

Inaugural Mustache Dash 10K 2017 — November
In recognition of Dr. Vipul Patel’s 10,000th Robotic Prostatectomy, November 2017 was the announcement of the inaugural Mustache Dash 10K. Sponsored by Florida Hospital, it’s a virtual race open globally that allows participants who have been directly affected by prostate cancer; patients, physicians, family and friends — as well anyone who wants to support the cause — to take action. The best part? You can help from wherever you are! Click here to learn more about this year's race. View last year's results here!